If you are in the pre-planning stages of your CCTV system or you are stuck on figuring out how you can run cable over 500 feet, then this blog is for you. We have been editing and updating our cctv accessories shelf in the warehouse and online. We have been vicariously organizing our video baluns section. We have sorted everything out and now we have a solution to the nightmares of not being able to run RG59 over 500 to 5000 feet!

Video balun transceivers are the answer. These transceivers are designed to offer a hybrid solution to running cable. This setup is to run terminated CAT5 cable in between both transceivers. Then the video balun transceiver re-strengthens the video signal and then you come out of the transceiver RG59 cable and run your cable to your security cameras. The solution works for incoming and outgoing signal. So you basically repeat the same process for running cable from your security cameras to your DVR.

It is a very exciting solution, because now you really can run cable out to 5000 feet for some of these more complex security camera installs. Check out our video baluns, they are many different options for different CCTV applications. We offer video balun connectors that allow you to not deal with any RG59 and the inputs are RJ45, so you can use terminated CAT5 to run cable to cameras. These video balun connectors can run cable up to 1500 feet! If you need help putting together a CAT5 video run, call our 800 number and speak with a technician today.