If you were wondering how you could record audio outside, then you should be thinking very hard. To-date there is no affordable security camera that can incorporate audio into the same shell as the lens, infrared lights, and other electronics. Not to mention that if the camera were a dome that the weather-proof dome and casing would prevent the microphone from picking up sound and recording audio. Well we have an idea of how we can solve this problem. We think that fabricating our micro-phones with an anti-water silicon coating on the spy microphone should solve the fear of water damaging the mic and other electrical parts of the wiring. We are currently in the blue-print stages, but we are looking to run some test to make sure the product can work. We are hoping that the microphones could be exposed to large amounts of rain and weathering. We will let you know the test results. Stay tuned for another update on this subject. If it works we will be the first to make them, sell them, and warranty water-proof spy microphones.