As with our latest updates to our discount bullet cameras we also have a new selection of discount dome cameras in stock too! The above picture is an example of that! These new dome cameras are very professional looking and have many good features! Some of the features are 540TV lines, infrared technology, varifocal lens, and much more. We are listing some of our hi-resolution dome cameras at just $99 dollars. Competing with us will be difficult, we are very serious about our business and we are number running through this industry. We will be NUMBER #1! It won't be just because of how popular our discount security cameras are, but the support and service after the sale. We have a complete line of different models to choose from. Each dome camera has it's pros and cons, but we ask everyone to blue-print your CCTV project and make sure you select the right camera for each zone of security instead of looking at price to match the right arsenal of surveillance cameras.


You can see the quality of our discount dome cameras. All of the discount security cameras have either a SONY or SHARP CCD chip-sets embedded into the circuit board of the camera. The technology digitizes each photon charge the pixels capture from the light it takes in. The set of resistors are in-line and the resistors continue to compress the charge and enhance the signal until it reaches the internal circuits. This technology is the best real-time-video compression period! You will not find a finer video quality anywhere else! Please do not worry about our supplies, we have out-of-stock buyer's discounts. These discounts will require you to register an account with us. When these discount dome cameras go out of stock you win. We drop the prices until we get them here on the shelf. The savings are in the range of $20-$10 dollars! So if you are a reseller looking to move some surveillance cameras, this would be great for your business! So register an SCW Account and stay connected with our warehouse and shop for the best deals today!