It is finally on our website for sale! This device is going to save all of our PTZ camera customers a lot of money and headache. We cannot express our excitement to have this item in stock. After multiple testings we stand behind this product. If you have a Pelco-D or Pelco-P PTZ security camera, then this part will integrate nicely with your current CCTV setup. We have pictures, pdf documents, and a manual ready for previewing. This auto-tracking ptz converter box, is listed with us at the lowest price on the Internet! We have it for just $199. This is sold at a discount price for a limited time only.


As you can see from the above picture, it is really easy to set the settings of the box according to what your PTZ camera can handle. It has just a set of DIP switches that is set for "on" or "off", it is a jumper type of setting. You match the setting to that of your PTZ camera for both the Protocol and BAUD rate address. You can also see the baud rate address setting too, so whatever baud rate your PTZ camera is set too, you can set this one just as easy. The communication input is there too! The green device that is below "RS485" is where you run CAT5 to PTZ camera and a run to your PTZ controller or DVR's RS485 input. This is known as the communication line. Below is another snap shot of the other side where you can see how this side integrates with a DVR.


Here you can see the power, alarm input, video in and video out, for this device. If you want to integrate this into an alarm system the option is there. In the event the alarm goes off, your PTZ camera will go into go mode! The video in and out is a standard BNC video connection. So make sure you have both runs connected. You will need one run for the Surveillance DVR and the other for PTZ camera. We recommend setting this unit up closer to the CCTV DVR. It is just easier to manager. If you have a server room where this is kept it is very common to mount this against the wall or your piece of wood you have mounted to the wall. Running the wire is simple. Just keep everything bundled and tidy! Stay tuned for future post of how to properly build a server room. We hope this post reaches every person that wishes to convert their PTZ cameras to auto-tracking mode.