Understanding CCTV wiring is sometimes frustrating, especially if you are a newbie. In the beginning you will wonder how are you suppose to connect these raw ends to my cameras and power supply box? In fact, most people just do not have a very clear image of how this comes together. Above is a picture of a power supply box terminal that illustrates how to properly connect power to each terminal. This part of the your install is the next to last step, before connecting the twist-on-bnc connector to the video pigtail coming from the dvr. If you have the kind of cable that has video and power in the same jacket, then you can simply pull apart the two and run the video to the dvr and the power to the power supply box.

When you have separated the power from the video you will need to strip the ends of the positive and negative wires to expose the copper wire. As the diagram shows, you will need to wrap around the proper cable to the right terminal. There is a screw to ensure that you can tie down the positive and negative wires. It is a very straight forward process. It sounds more complex than it really is. It is like anything that you have never done before. The only way you can know is by trial and error. We hope this picture can prevent any unnecessary trial and error on your behalf when setting up a video surveillance system.