Looks like the demand for video surveillance is getting stronger each year. One of the major signs are the growing amount of ptz security cameras being used to survey state highways. There not only in the state of Florida, but in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and many other southern parts of the United States. We are blown away by the shear amount of ptz cameras per mile that we have seen around hi-traffic causeways and ramps. We have always said that many different CCTV applications are grown over a period of time.


These type of security cameras are important because they allow the State a chance to take the wheel and zoom in on target areas. Most of these ptz cameras, have an 18X, 22X, and 32X optical zoom. Their capable of zooming out to 350 yards, before the picture get's grainy. They can move the camera to the left and right and get a wide field-of-view to watch certain events develop. In most cases, these cameras are tied to a network where video is being recorded. So these options can only be found with IP ptz security cameras. No fixed lens security camera can offer this flexibility. We think that this growing demand for ptz cameras on the highways will continue to grow in large numbers every year! So next time you are driving, take a look up and see that you are being watched.