How to make a PTZ camera Track Objects

ptz camera auto tracks objects

So you want to know how you can make a PTZ camera track objects? There a few ways you can do it. One way you can do it is to buy an auto-tracking ptz security camera. Or you can get a converter box that you can inter-phase to run your non-auto-tracking ptz security camera into an auto-tracking camera. Just five years ago, when auto-trackers hit the market place, they were expensive, but innovative. Everybody loves the idea of AI in security. Often most people do not know how it all works. Inside the brain of the video surveillance camera is a set of complex integrated circuits that contribute to communication it takes for a ptz camera to hone in on fixed targets. The application is all embedded into the camera. Although most will have theirPTZ security cameras controlled by software and ptz keyboards, auto-tracking PTZ cameras are standalone system. So know you know how manufactures can turn a manual PTZ camera into an auto-tracking PTZ camera. It is all in the software/firmware.


Now this device here is what you can use if you do not have the ability to set your ptz security cameras to auto-tracking mode. It is a really neat device and it is going to save many owners of non-ptz security cameras money. This is a huge step in economics and technology. Now for just $99.00 you can salvage your non-ptz security cameras. These devices works really simple. It has a standard RS485 port where you can run a piece of CAT5 from your PTZ camera to your tracking box and from your tracking box to your DVR, thus creating a communication line. If you are worried about compatibility; dont! The baud rates are able to meet these standards: 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps. A baud rate is just the communication method your PTZ camera can receive instructions from the DVR. The protocols available are Pelco D and Pelco P. So if you have a PTZ security camera that you need to morph into an auto-tracker, this is device is the best solution on the market.