We have a new model in stock that really has most security cameras in it's class beat. We were thinking of a more covert/powerful threat that will empower end users with the best video for the money. Model Sony-CMR603, comes in either silver or black casing. It has a sun shade as well to help keep debris, rain drops, and glare out of it's field-of-vision. The lens on this bullet camera is a 3.6mm. Your video feed will have a wide angle of view and you will see out to about 45 feet during the day. With it's 24 LED lights, this bullet camera will see out to 75 feet. It is the shier amount of infrared led lights that makes this possible. Most bullet cameras in this class has 12 or 13 LED lights. So in most specs, bullet cameras like these only see out to like 45-50 feet IR. With this model you can see father and still have a very wide angle of view. This makes this cctv camera a great bargain. We are introducing this bullet camera at a discount price of $69.00! It fits great into residential homes, small business offices, restaurants, and small fast-food buildings.