We have heard many stories, in fact, crazy stories of what starts out as a miss-understanding into a war between two neighbors. First, people where is the love? If you are going to live next to each other, learn to have some respect. Typically these wars can be stopped with a simple...."Hey, I am sorry." Everyone flares up from time to time, humility can go a long way. However, there are those that just will not pipe down and everything you do makes them start acting even more broady than before. There is one element that can level the playing field. No one wants a run in with the Police! Jail can make these aggressors eventually get the point. It is amazing how an institution like jail can make your aggressor conform to the rules quickly. Statistics show that having a surveillance system to capture the footage is more trustworthy than a police report. You will need a better solution. You need a surveillance system, it is the only tool that can help you.

We typically have about 10 calls a week where people are desperate for a low-budget way to grow into a surveillance system. Most customers just want a simple setup and want to use VCR and a few cameras to keep a day's coverage on hand. We do not sell, or suggest using time lasp VCRs. If you are going to use this method to start you will need four cameras, a quad processor, four RCA plug and play cables, and eight RCA to BNC connectors. With those parts you can have a very simple VCR surveillance system. However this route many not produce enough video on hand. You will need to have consistent data that shows what you want to prove or sue for. Sometimes these simple disagreements and antics turn pissed off neighbors into violent neighbors that are very unpredictable. You will need more than one day of footage on a tape. You will need a four-channel-security-digital-video-recorder. Go with a dvr that has at least 250 gig hard drive. With four security cameras, you should be able to get five days of record time at real-time-recording. Real-time recording is rated 30 frames per second. However, if you need more record time, you can create more space to store video by setting the your security cameras to record only on motion. See there is a pixel sensitivity setting you can adjust from your dvr's so that the cameras will only record video when there is sudden changes in light that the pixels in your camera's chip set pick up on. As a result you will gain a few more days of record time. Now, if you fail to store that data on a CD before the hard-drive reaches it's max capacity, the dvr will loop over the data. Nevertheless, this is what you need to successfully stop or put your neighbors in check. Your local police will be more than happy to enforce the law, especially after reviewing the data you have prepared.

In some cases having a system like this may cause your neighbors to pull stunts like, cutting your video cables, throwing rocks at your cameras, or even trying to taking them down. In fact, putting up cameras might cause them to act irrationally. Please map out your neighbors before installing security cameras. You will need to think about your neighbors attitude and temperament first. If they are the type to fly off at the handle, then be prepared for trouble if you start mounting cameras. They might try a number of things to let you know they are not happy. However, do not let this scare you from protecting your best interest. In the end, you need the evidence to back your claims and case to a judge. Also in more extreme situations, you need make sure you look into getting vandal proof dome cameras, they work great in situations where crazy neighbors, or random vandals may try and deface your security cameras. We feature two models that are built to survive any vandal attack.

All in all, think about your problem first. Secondly, get the facts about what is going on. Third, learn their tendencies and map out your plan of defense. Trust us doing this will answer a lot of questions about what method you need to implement or grow into to keep your crazy neighbors in check.