Infrared Illuminators are the most unheard of pieces of CCTV equipment on the market. There are many different versions of these illuminators, however, they are often mistaken as infrared cameras. They are not! They have high powered lights that help infrared or color cameras see in the dark at long ranges. Because the infrared lights are in large number and powerful, you want to excersie some caution in how you use them. Typically never use these indoors. They are for outside use, unless used in a very large warehouse setting. The one we feature here have a distance of 330 feet! Wow now that is primo stuff. We carry models that are more practical instead of those huge boxes with over 100 led lights.

We prefer to use equipment that is more user-friendly. Some of the other things you must understand is that infrared is in black and white video feeds only. So color is no option. The great thing about our line is that our line of illuminators are very affordable. The one above goes for about sixty dollars and gets you about 350 infrared seing distance. If you need more information about how to use them, visit our infrared illuminators, or call our 800 line and talk to a security consultant today.