4 Channel Security DVR H.264

Got a new digital video recorder in stock this week.You would never guess by looking at this unit that it has H.264 compression.

It has hi quality video and it is set a low price. Our low prices basically stem from our mission to dominate the security camera industry and offer a different approach to growing our company. We want to offer everyone hi quality security dvrs, that will give them the ability to really see what is going on.

The persistence we have to work with our contacts, deep in Asia, give us a chance to offer this quality to anyone. This unit looks like many other dvrs in it's plain design. Again, we choose simple, because simple is better. Everything you need is on the front of this unit and offers users a simple graphical user inter-phase, and reliability. Some of the features are:  120 FPS D1 display, network support, VGA and AV output, Support USB & CD-RW/DVD-RW Backup, Content Management system, mouse support, and remote control support.

All these features, make it a good digital video recorder and the price makes it even sweeter. We are letting all of our installers, dealers, and other customers, know that this is the best 4 Channel DVR out there. We've released this security dvr at the price of just $499.00. No one has H.264 quality and options with the price we have to offer.

Another great thing is we offer a one year warranty and one year technical support assistance on how to use it if you get stuck. However, we expect this unit to make some buzz in the industry, and we plan on having this model with us at the ISC East trade show coming up in New York this 2009 fall season, and we will have it for the Jacksonville, Florida home and patio trade show, this October 2009. Lastly, we are in the process of opening up a location soon, that will have a great demo show room, where anyone can stop and take a look at what we have to offer. The demo room is by appointment only, so remember to contact us for getting on the list. Stay tuned to our blog, for the latest in news on new security dvrs, that we are still testing and adding to the aresnal, and for up-to-date security cameras.

We will be adding this model to our 4 Channel DVR menu this week, and we have 30 of them currently as a test to see just how popular it becomes. We are not worried to much, because the prices always attract our shoppers. Our word and product quality keeps them coming back!