32 Standalone H.264 Security DVR

Here is the big man of the standalone digitial video recorders. Most people dream of having this many channels into an easy solution. This unit is really hi-tech in every way. We have been pushing and talking about H.264 compression for the longest time, and the video surveillance quality still blows our minds. There are a lot of things about this standalone security dvr, that just does not meet at the eye.

For one, most think it is too simple, and nothing that looks too simple is any good. No! Our simple designs stem from our precision style and taste. The best things in life are simple and free anyway.

Looking at the front end of this digital video recorder, you cane see the channel selector, which is huge, and there is a port for a mouse for easy navigation through the linux based software. This unit also features,  Channel video output, 32 X 4 matrix (option), CIF resolution of recording and playback for each channel, up to 6 PCS SATA HDD support, USB 2.0, PS2, keyboard support, Innovative intelligent temperature thermal technology, and  those are just of the few features this security dvr has to offer.

We have yet to sell of any of these units, however, we plan on having an awesome new catalog to feature these great standalone units, and we will have this in our show room avaliable for demo. In the end, this standalone dvr is a solution many want to have, and are looking for. According to Google, people are interested in knowing if there is such a complex solution out there.

Most just go with the PC based option, but now there is a lower cost option to go with and any one can operate this and that makes it worth selling and supporting. Check out this unit today, we plan on having it for sale in our 32 - 48 Channel Security DVRs section.