New Bullet Security Camera

Great news, we have a new indoor/outdoor bullet security camera in stock. It's new design offers high professionalism, and very appealing to the eyes. This bullet security camera is going a low price, and we are one of the first to sell it's style.

There are many hidden features. For instance, it has a high resolution picture. The chip set in this security camera is a Sony 1/3" Chip and it enables this security camera to taken in more light, thus increasing the sharpness, and crispness of the picture.

Also mounting this bullet security camera is a breeze, it comes with a 3-axis adjustment so can swivel this security camera in the position you want. Of course this being a bullet security camera, which by default makes it a weatherproof camera and it is very durable. This infrared bullet cameras also is equipped with 23 infrared lights which will illuminate in the dark and at a 3.6mm lens, it will let you see facials and license plates out to 30 feet. The 3.6mm lens, gives you a very wide angle of vision so, it makes it ideal for residential areas, and small business offices, where you need to see activity in a wide area. We have only a handle full in stock now and we will add this camera in our online sales page, where you can purchase them for $69.00, for a limited time only.