As we progress as a company and have more variety of DVRs on the website, so will our warehouse. We are constantly testing out new dvr units and just about 90% of everything we test we put up for sale. The challenging issue is getting the information out, however, in time and through press releases from www.prweb.com, we are going to sell and backstock the hottest security dvrs on the market. We are the cheapest company to buy from right now. Everything we have listed in our catalogs, and on our website has been carefully thought out, and neatly put together. For example the DVR above, represents clean, easy to use, and simple design. For most people, getting a CCTV surveillance system, is confusing and most are really on a limited budget. We know that, and we stress that our customers must be taken seriously, so we want to make them feel as if their currency can get them what they want and still have the quality they need. Our security dvrs start at $99.00 and DVRs like the one above go for $199.00! It offers usb back up for video playback. It has a multiplexer, for viewing each channel. Also it features a simple Linux navigation and this unit comes with a remote for convenience. Can you really ask for more? We hope that our efforts in uploading each standalone unit, will make our browsers, and customers comfortable about our ability and the ease of ordering our 4 channel digital video recorders.