Check out our summer blow out sales

We have great news, our summer online sales are underway, and people are buying like it is the next Black Friday. We have many simple security cameras for sale, that any CCTV application can integrate. If you are a parent and you are worried about not being able to keep a hawk's eye view on, then we have a great selection of security cameras for you. When you are busy taking care of things around the house, these security cameras, act as a second pair of eyes for you. If you have a pool area that is off limits, you can have a a security dvr alert you. When the little ones, wonder into an area that is off limits, this security dvr becomes a great life saver! These security cameras, can be set to motion detection, where you can have a security dvr (digital video recorder) send an email to your latop, or cellphone. Our digital video recorders can be integrated into security systems, sound horns and suddenly notify when an event occurs. We constantly hear about infant, toddlers, and teenage deaths  in the local and national news, and in some cases a toddler or infant some how got into a pool and the parents were just was not there for those two seconds or less and a life was lost. Our security cameras are marked down, but they are not cheap in quality they the very best in the industry. We have models for retail stores, universities, local schools, small and hi commercial applications, and even cameras for corporate environments. So if you looking to save a little on your CCTV project this summer, visit our online sales and clearance sections! We have bullet security cameras starting at $49.00 with 420 lines of resolution and much more. We also feature low priced security dvrs too, so that you can record and even have remote access to when you are not at your home or business.  Call one of our consultants today for more information and a quick checkout process. Or click the link to the right browse through our selections of discount security cameras.