5 Tips to Maintain Your Security Systems

Over the next few weeks, we know that some of you will be working remotely, or you'll have fewer people in your office. The SCW team wants to make sure that your homes and businesses are secured and prepared. Now is the time to make sure your security systems are clean and everything is working correctly. As you step away from your business for a little while, please read these five tips that will help you maintain your security systems while you're gone.


1. Check to make sure all of your cameras are up and running

This may seem obvious, but now is the time to make sure the security cameras at your business or home are working properly. 


If you’ve had your system for awhile it’s even easy to forget how many cameras you have installed.

Open your SCW Go app and do a quick walk around of your property, make sure all your cameras are showing up on your app.

Check the online status by going to Setup - Camera. The status icon will be green if the camera is online and grey if it’s offline.

If you have any cameras offline - give the SCW Support team a call, we’ll help get them back online.

2. Clean all of the cameras on your system

Dust those cobwebs off your security cameras. Many people underestimate how they can effect your picture.


Clean your camera lens and IR area with a clean microfiber cloth.

If the camera is especially dirty you can use some water on the microfiber cloth - be sure to dry and avoid any water spots. 

Distilled water can be used to avoid spots.

Do not use any harsh chemicals like Windex, Bleach, etc 

Wipe away any cobwebs, which can impact night vision performance and check for anything new near the camera that may affect the image such as new tree branches or even things installed near the camera.

3. Name your cameras 

Naming your cameras only takes a few minutes but will save you a lot of time if you need to review an incident. If you need some help, check out this how-to video!

4. Make sure your recording settings are accurate

Checking your recording settings makes sure you’re getting the footage you need, whether you prefer to record 24/7 or just for motion. 

5. Confirm that your remote access is working

Remote access allows you to view your cameras live or view playback. This feature will be a huge help while you're away so that you can keep an eye on your location from anywhere.


Any other questions?

Email us at hello@getscw.com or give us a call at 828-330-9247. We are here to help!