The world around us is encompassed in symbols, hidden meanings, and secret languages. In fact, anyone time traveling from past eras to our computerized world would believe it is run by magic. Doors sense when you are nearby to open on your command. You are able to wirelessly communicate with people across continents with your voice, or even talk to them face to face with Skype. We even have robot vacuums to clean us after us. Indeed, the world we live in is truly magical, even if science is behind our progress instead of witchcraft and spells.

Interestingly, the way we communicate is different as well. In the past, patience and dedication was more valued when sending secret messages and hiding secrets from others. It was better to wait for a well thought out and protected secret, than to have the secret discovered easily by enemies. This was especially true in times of war. Now, we communicate instantly with each other over internet connections and cell phone towers. This is done with computers.

The way computers are able to help us is with communication through binary code. Put simply, programmers use the numbers "0" and "1" to induce commands within systems. In every case, "0" means "off" and "1" means "on". There are thousands of combinations within binary code which are used to direct a digital computer.

In fact, a power symbol is one of the most simple and common applications in binary. A power symbol has a line, which is meant to stand for "1", encompassed within a circle. This circle is meant to stand for "0", or off. Touching a power button to turn off a machine is the most simple binary application. It means you are switching off the electrical current within the system.

Likewise, there are many other codes within our culture that are left unknown to the average person. For example, police officers use numbers as codes to communicate with each other over the radio. These radios are supposed to be on private stations so that it does not interfere with walkie-talkies and other systems used by civilians. As an additional layer of protection to prevent civilians from meddling in local affairs, they use a series of memorized codes to communicate with other law enforcement agencies. A good example of a major problem would be a 187, or a homicide. While a Code 7 sounds like it could be extremely threatening, it is a simple meal break taken by a police officer. Using numbers as a code is a fantastic way to communicate since the meanings are ambiguous to anyone on the outside looking in.

The Case For Unbreakable Ciphers

There are many cases where lives have been held on the line if a cipher is broken. People in power create complex arrangements of letters and words to relay a message to friendly forces, and keep information out of the wrong hands. In many cases, this has saved entire armies of soldiers from falling prey to uninformed decisions by their leaders, and therefore sent thousands of fathers home to their children and loved ones. This is why a strong cipher is so important to the common man.

The most extreme case of a high level security secret would be the necessary information to build and send a nuclear missile. Obviously, such technology is going to be protected with maximum security to prevent the information from getting into the wrong hands. This does not serve to protect and prevent disaster from individual countries alone. Instead, these extreme precautions and security measures are taken to promote the safety of the entire world. If this information gets into the wrong hands, it could destroy the entire planet. Trees and animals would die, and more wars would follow for the final available resources. Keeping secret messages under lock and key is not always enough. Encrypting the information and using maximum levels of surveillance is the most effective way to keep the world safe. This is because it takes more than just one type of lock to keep people away.

For example, you may just need to be aware that you are being watched to prevent yourself from doing anything wrong. In fact, something that simple is all it takes for most people. Indeed, the majority of people have felt tempted to try stealing a candy bar just once in their lifetimes. Small children get caught doing this all the time, and while it is a problem, they learn their lesson to never try it again. This is why fake security cameras work so well as a deterrent against theft. In fact, many retailers who have positioned fake cameras within plain view of customers have noticed a drop of shortage within their products.

However, there are a select few people who are not as intelligent. They may wonder how to get past security measures, and wonder how far this technology has progressed. While most of these people end up working in the surveillance field to catch the bad guys, a small portion end up as bad guys themselves. Other people may be forced into desperate situations and feel like they have a limited amount of viable options. Therefore, stealing and theft is the best route in their eyes. In these cases, it is best to have multiple layers o protection instead of mere deterrents. Catching someone in the act is lovely, but making it so that they can never commit the crime is even better. This is why ciphers, locks, and surveillance are most effective when they are used in combination with each other. If someone does manage to steal information, make sure it is impossible to crack.


Technological feats within the surveillance community are not the only ways we are kept safe and warm in ours beds at night. While technology is an amazing thing, a recording of a vicious act will only serve as a deterrent and evidence within a court room. Effective codes and locks are key points in keeping yourself and the people you love safe.

Every day life has many examples of safety which is not surveillance equipment. A complicated lock will keep dangerous people away more effectively than a security camera would. Instead, you should use a multitude of products and many layers of protection to keep anything you hold dear protected. This will always prove to be more effective than cameras alone.