With an infinite range of possibilities, cloud computing is changing the way we store and access applications, files, and information on a regular basis. Personal computers have made their way into every household. They have improved lives in unexpected ways. We use computers to make purchases at our favorite retail locations, order fast food at restaurants, and even check out at the grocery store. They are used to keep records within hospitals and doctor's offices. Police officers and other law enforcement agencies are able to pull up records, take notes, and follow suspects with the help of technology. Airlines use technology to keep their passengers secured and guarded. It is no small wonder that surveillance uses computer technology to keep you safe and protected. Indeed, cloud computing has many applications within the field of safety and protection.

Just like many other fields, technology has greatly improved surveillance and the way we look at protecting ourselves and others. Today, most surveillance equipment does not only rely on well placed video cameras and tapes. Instead of recording sensitive footage on tapes, surveillance videos are able to be backed up on other servers in different areas so that precious information does not become lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise altered. Computers are able to manage entire surveillance systems and remotely send footage. Indeed, cloud computing has made the world of surveillance easier to manage for longer periods of time.

How Cloud Computing Works

Traditionally, you have relied on the hardware within your computer to run software effectively. Your computer has a limited storage capacity, and therefore cannot run and store every program without being losing potential in other areas. The most common problem is a delayed reaction within the internal system of your computer.

Applications which use cloud computing are becoming more common as technology progresses. Websites like Facebook, Amazon, and even Gmail are harnessing the power cloud provides. This technology allows your computer to use many applications without slowing down. Instead of relying on personal computers to have the necessary hardware to operate heavier software, cloud computing stores important files and takes away a large portion of the workload by making it accessible through a network. It is a lot like having access to a collective virtual computer.

To make it easier for you understand, we will divide the cloud computing system into two separate sections. The display section is the first of these. This is the section that you see when you access your email or open an online document. It is the one that is visible to you as a user. The second section is called the hind quarter. This is the area where the cloud happens. Within the hind quarter lies an intricate system of servers. These servers act as data storage systems and they can hold anything. This includes complex programs, sensitive top secret information, or even a simple video game.

The central server holds everything together. It does this by monitoring online traffic to meet ever-changing demands within a file or program, and works to keep everything running smoothly and effectively. It follows common protocols, or rules, to figure out what programs or files need to most access at what times. Using a software called middleware, computers are able to communicate online to allow you to network with other users online. This makes working easier.

Applications For Surveillance

Cloud computing for surveillance applications demands a lot of storage. This is because businesses like banks are required by law to maintain surveillance footage for a certain period of time. Cloud computing requires multiple servers in order to keep an extended amount of information. This means that more than a few servers are necessary. This is because computers, like any other man made system, can shut down. Back up servers are a necessary cost to keep everything running at its maximum capacity.


Cloud computing is changing the world we live in. By using cloud systems, we are able to have access to information that would otherwise be unavailable to us. This means that when crime is involved in a court case, new evidence will be available to law enforcement and the jury to make better decisions to enforce better. This means that people who break the law will pay for their crimes. In addition to a greater number of solvable crimes, superior technology will be well known, and act as an effective deterrent. This will keep honest people honest, and dissolve issues that would otherwise occur. Improvements in technology will make the world safer and easier to live in.