Here is the location on the map! The new FBI building here in Jacksonville, Florida. Quite surprising to see they are located within a few miles of our business locations. One of our reps saw it one day while driving back from lunch. He was very shocked to see them located this close to a residential neighborhood.  The point of this blog is that they do not have security cameras on the building. We drove by a few times just to get a better view, and we made an astute observation that there was not one camera, or at least ones we could see. Usually places like these have pan, tilt, zoom, PTZ security cameras hanging on the top of the building, looking at everyone.  They have no pictures up on the web of the building, and we have no plans of going over there to take them either. But we plan on doing a another blog about this, and show the updated pictures. It is a very nice building, driving from JTB you cannot even tell what it is. All we can remember is it being built and then one day seeing that it was a field office. Surprising enough if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, the FBI is in your backyard.