You may be familiar with the infrared technology, but you may be unsure of how it works or the limitless possibilities it possesses. Infrared is used in many everyday applications including simple things like using a remote control, communications, and even the reading the weather. However, you my be unaware that infrared technology can do things like see if you are drunk, treat ailments like arthritis and pain, or heal oral ulcers which are a side effect of chemotherapy. Indeed, infrared technology can be used on more than just security cameras and night vision. The possibilities are seemingly limitless.

Infrared technology works by using electromagnetic radiation to translate temperatures into different colors. The term infrared combines the English word red, and the Latin word infra which translates to below. This is because infrared light's frequency is below red light. Red is the longest wavelength visible to our human eyes, therefore rendering infrared waves invisible. However, advanced technologies can see these wavelengths for us so we may make them useful.

This is why infrared cameras are so beneficial to us as humans. Places with poor lighting will result in more thieves and crooks targeting that area. Cameras with lights mounted on top of them will prove to be completely useless if criminals can just find a way around it. A bright enough light in a dark area like a basement may be expensive to maintain, and will corrode with time. Therefore, the solution is to find a technology that can see in the dark. This is just oe of many amazing applications infrared has to offer. Even though infrared technology has been used for several years now, more and more possibilities for it are always being discovered.

Overall, infrared technology does many things to keep us safe and protected. Advancements in the medical field make it possible to infrared to relieve us from debilitating pain and heal oral ulcers caused by chemotherapy. It can also be used to target areas on a plane's wings which are starting to freeze, preventing dangerous circumstances. It is used to see the weather via satellites which will prevent accidents in case of snow, ice, or excessive rain. It can keep us safe in the dark from potential intruders and be a second pair of eyes if anything goes wrong. Infrared is so entwined in our lives that it feels natural, and future possibilities for it are endless.