With crime on the rise more people have been turning to security systems for protection. Often, police are overburdened with cases and too far away to get to an emergency in time. A few extra seconds can make a situation escalate dangerously. A security system allows you to know when an intruder is coming, be aware of the kinds of weapons they may have, and save these few precious seconds to call for help. A security system also allows to have footage of the assault when it does take place. However, you my wonder where to start when purchasing a new security system. There are many different kinds of security cameras, DVRs, and set-ups which can be chosen from. It is best to be informed of what would work best for you and your family.

Selecting The Best Features

Different security systems have varying features. Some of these features may be more useful to you than others. For example, you may want a security camera that has night vision. Since a good part of earth's days are spent in darkness, this is definitely a feature you want to look out for. Some security cameras are completely vandal and tamper-proof. While this is a fantastic choice for someone that may have their security compromised, this isn't a problem everyone will have. Some cameras will be set too high to be tampered with, and for others it simply may not be necessary. You may find that a wireless system works best for you home because it is more convenient, but it is also possible that a closed circuit system might work best for you. Additionally, not everyone requires a security system that records in complete color. It is also highly likely that the added contrast black and white systems offer are more useful. When selecting a security system, you need to do your research. You may want to consider creating a list of features which are important to you and selecting a camera with these options.

Placement Of Surveillance

You need to scope out the area that you are planning on adding surveillance to. This is your home, and you know it best. If your yard has a lot of landscaping you may want to think about hiding some surveillance cameras in some shrubs or bushes. If you have a tree, it is possible you could hook a camera up in its limbs. An evergreen tree doesn't loose its leaves in winter and they normally grow very tall. While you may need to adjust it as the tree goes, depending on your yard the tree may provide the surveillance camera with a very good view of everything that is happening in your yard. If you have a high porch, you may want to put your security camera up there. If it is high enough, it will be hard to reach by intruders. If you have an apartment, it is possible you may be ableto hook a security camera up in a useful area, but not entrely likely. If this is the case, you may want to hide some cameras inside of your apartment instead. Be creative, and find solutions that workd best for you and the layout of your home.


If you are thinking about installing a security camera in your place of residence you are not alone. With crime culture on the rise many people do not feel safe anymore. Varying surveillance features work for different settings. Some people may not want intruders to be aware of a surveillance system. Others may want intruders to be deterred by seeing a surveillance system in place. A surveillance system will make you feel safe and protect you from potential threats. You need to be aware of the kind of features you need for you home and plan accordingly.