Here is a new item to our shelves, the Elite Standalone Series! This standalone, digital video recorder has many options that no one can pass up. For one it has high resolution playback quality, and the technology is H.264 compression. You will not find many stores selling this at the price we have it for. If you want something simple to use, this is it. If you want the highest quality at a price that blows away our competition then you should consider our line of DVRs. Some of the unique things about this unit is that it has may hidden features. It has the ability to burn video to a Blue Ray DVD. The DVD-ROM we have in this unit is Blue Ray and this adds to the quality of the final playback, especially in a situation where facials are critical in prosecution. From the hi end security cameras, to the H.264 compression technology, to Blue Ray DVDs, you know that you have the very best of everything.


This unit has real-time recording on every channel, and there is the ability to integrate this system into an existing alarm system. So if you happen to have an alarm system in place, then you can record the timing of any event when the alarm is triggered. Also this unit has a network card, that enables you to playback live video feeds, play back video segements, and record off-site, which is just amazing in terms of conviencey. The options that you have remotely is rare because, most embedded units are triplex enabled, and that means you can only playback video and see live feeds.  There also are other ports on the back too, like the RS485 port and it enables you to inter phase with any PTZ security camera. There are two USB ports on the front of the unit, which allows easy access to back up video with a USB keyl. So you see, this DVR has many features that just puts it beyond the current standalones being sold today! You can own for $899.00 and here is a link to all the specs and images you will want to see. Click this link to see all our 16 channel DVR units.