New Dome Security Camera In Stock!

Here is the latest, hotest, dome security camera to hit our shelf. This is a great, professional, and hi resolution security camera. Everyone that has bought from this site loves the quality that we bring, and the prices are a great bargain. Many stores now on the web are selling the low resolution security cameras, but we believe that security needs to be something that you can see. Hands down, in any environment or application you should be able to see exactly what you want. There are many features that sets this security camera apart from many others. For instance, it has an easy access to adjust the varifocal setting from a 4-9mm. That means as your CCTV application changes, or if you need to make an adjustment it is very simple to do. Also this security camera features a 3-axis adjustment and has the ability to turn or positing the lens in any direction. The great thing is that the lens is a smokey, black color, and it makes it hard to see where the lens is pointed. So it can fool any employee, customer, or potential robber. We love to say that it makes them think about what they want to do, but they are still unsure as to where the lens is pointed, so people tend to behave. The 550 lines of resolution it has makes a great, sharp, and crisp picture. This dome security camera has a 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD Chip Set, so it takes in more light and gives you that HD image. Another thing to consider is what you are recording to. By hooking this camera up to a DVR with an H.264 compression board, you can get the best live feeds, and playback video on the planet. If you have any questions about this security camera, you can chat with a consultant live on the website, look to the right, and click the image. Or you can just call our 800 number for more information. We have currently 50 in stock and we know they will move fast. Click this link for this dome camera and read up on the specs, and other images.