Hey guys,

Just wanted to provide another status update on the shopping cart transition.

We've gone through quite a change here at Security Camera Warehouse, and the purchasing process for products has been greatly improved.

On our main bullet cameras page, we have the new system live for testing and feedback so please send us an email with your concerns and thoughts!

The first change that you might notice is the graphical interface for browsing all the products in your category. We now display significantly more information about each product in our category pages! Secondly, you will be able to narrow and order the products (Currently only the ability to order products is online). This will put more information at your fingertips and you won't have to click around as much to determine what camera best fits your need. See the new system below:

Bullet Camera Ordering System

Secondly, the products pages themselves have been revamped. Gone are different pages for each model's color/option combos; instead, we have created one page for each product and created customizable pull down menu that allow you to change options on the camera, DVR, or security system without having to go find another page. These changes are located below.

We have been working like crazy to get these new systems operational and should have this new system online for the rest of our products shortly. Thanks for shopping up with us!