So you want to hook your security dvr up to the Internet? You are probably wondering why it is not already setup to be viewed once you plug it in to the dvr. It is pretty much that simple, however, there are a few things you must do in order to view it across the World Wide Web. First, you need to get an IP address! An IP address is much like any website url name that you are use to, instead this address is numerical. Actually all IP addresses are numerical, but most companies, or freebie sites use a hosted url name and point that to the server that host the information online. You can purchase an IP address from, they have IP address you can purchase each year for as low as $9.99. After getting your IP address, you can point that IP address to your DVR's software and enable the security dvr's software to configure with or pair with the IP address. This blog is not meant to go into technical detail, because everyone has a different brand or software version dvr. Of course we can talk all day about the security dvrs we import, test and stock, but you can refer to our product manuals for the instructions on how to pair your static IP address to the dvr. However, this is the key thing you need to remember in order to view your security cameras over the Internet. You can simply just ping your IP address and pending the right login information you can see the cameras real-time. For example,, would be a similar IP address, you just type that into the web address bar and press enter, it is that simple. If you have any more questions regarding remote access or how to set it up on your security dvr, call our 800 hot-line and speak with a CCTV Tech today!