Here at security camera warehouse we are stocking up and collecting all the software we can get our hands on. As a result we have started to put together a free software section on our website that has everything you need from PC software to standalone dvr firmware. This blog however, is more of an update about a very special software. IP Camera NVR software is starting to become very popular now-a-days (2006 - 2010), espcially given the fact that everyone is looking to turn their PC into workin security digital video recorders. NVR means, network video recorder. NVR software is built around IP security cameras. It is a very user friendly software and has the ability to take IP address from each security camera, interphase with it and successfully broadcast the video live and with the option to record to your PC or hard drive. So we have this file called, "Eye Soft", created by a company called
Bikal. We don't any fashion promote the sharing of the actual software, it is a demo version. However, you can get a trial version or actual version of the software from Bikal. If you like to get a better perspective of setting up a more efficient way to setup a CCTV camera system for very large buildings or even complex infrastructure. Try this program or call our 800 line and speak with a consultant, we might have a collection of new software.