How can this economy return to the prosperity it once had before? People tend to forget that in the late 80's early 90's that we reached a zenith in economic prosperity and we got there from two industries. There were many people involved in the creation of Silicon Valley, and the development of Microsoft, and Apple. Companies that sold tangible products to people when there was really no press or demand for such goods. In fact, the price on these goods were expensive. Many economist will say, that the price is high because wealth needs to be created before the rest of society can benefit from the goods. However, we seem to have reached a level to ask this question. What else can be sold? What can Americans create or put together, that will spark industries, budget spending, and consumer demands? Is it another technology, software boom? You might be asking your self, where are we going with this blog? Think about it for a second. What if majority of the money that exist in the American economy is in the hands of the successful people from the late 80's and early 90's and beyond? We have to figure out a way to trade back with them that is beneficial to both sides. Over the years, the demand for security has changed so much, and the type of security desired has also changed. We live in an age where more and more people desire to have direct, on demand information and that seems to be almost inelastic demand. You can see people paying $700.00 for an Iphone, and default on their car payments and other responsibilities. It is funny, but what about business owners? What do they purchase? What issues do they deal with on a daily, quarterly and yearly basis. One of the things many businesses deal with is theft, inventory loss, and lawsuits. In most industries, it is theft that can really slow up money, and an operation. We have been working hard at Security Camera Warehouse to find a way to trade with businesses and offer them  hi-quality, low-cost, security cameras that can work into their budget. Can you afford to pass up an opportunity of good prices and hi-quality products in a sale? No. That is what we here to say! There are many companies that claim to sell CCTV surveillance equipment out there, but are they really benefiting their customers? We seem to have the right model and we are on a mission to stimulate the "World Economy", by offering every wealthy, startup, and broke company a way to fight back and control their businesses. We sell a product that can really start putting money back into the American economy and that is by helping bring affordable goods at a price no one can pass up. We have launched our marketing campaign, our mission statement, and we will be seen at the major trade shows this year. The one thing that we will to bring is for a "Green" approach to the economy, just as many tree-huggers do for their eco-system, and for planet Earth!