What is a wide angle c mount lens? C mout cameras have special threads which enables users to install any lens with a c mount or cs mount adapter. There are many different lenses for c mount security cameras. The market has opened up over the last 10 years, as a result you can obtain fixed or varifocal lenses with a wide range of settings. For most CCTV applications we find that clients need and want a wide angle lens for their c mount cameras. You can purchase wide angle lens from $15 - $35 dollars now. The smallest lens size we've seen for a c mount camera is a 2.5mm lens. This is probably going to be the garden variety you see from many stores on the net. We carry a 2.5mm lens for $15. and it has a very wide angle of view. This is perfect for indoor applications, where a c mount camera is watching a room full of people or for inventory in a small warehouse. The only limitation to a wide angle c mount lens is the short distance you get. When you want to see wider, it will restrict your ability to see objects or people up close. If you are searching for a wide lens check out our c mount lenses, we have several different sizes that will deliver very wide shots of video for your CCTV System application.