Take a ride with us and sample this real-time video of what it is like to have a dash camera in your car. We are going to be selling a bunch of these kits in the near future and marketing them with www.automotiveaddicts.com. We have had some close friends and family that had recent disputes with neighbors and how powerful it is to have a camera in the dash of the car to catch events like head on chicken matches, screaming and fighting in the drive-way and many more violent encounters. This video show our first kit and notice the clarity of the video. Best of all we have the adapter where you can plug this right into your cigarette lighter, which will power your CCTV camera. Also we have small mini dvrs, that take SD cards up to 32 BG and you can store weeks or a month of record time with one or two surveillance cameras. If you are looking for a neat, discount solution to have cameras in your cars, call 888.274.3688 and talk to a CCTV consultant about what you need to prep your car for having a small surveillance system. Notice in the film that this is gold ol Jacksonville, Florida "Regency Area" about 5 mins from the mall and 10 mins from downtown.