So you got your security cameras in the mail and you have mounted the camera outdoors and you go to get the power supply and you realize that the power adapter cord that came with the CCTV camera is too short to where you want to run the adapter too! This is a big problem, especially if you have bought a power strip where you planned on plugging in the adapters. When it comes to running power cable to reach your power source you have to use combination of video and power cable to achieve an easy setup. If you were hopping for the more plug and play approach, then you might have to try raw cable! Meaning you will need to give a roll of RG59 cable with an 18x2 power pair to get the distance you need. This is one way you can solve this power. We sell 500 feet rolls of RG59 siamese cable for $99! Although you may not want this much cable, it is easier to go with this setup. However, we do sell RG59 bundle cable that is already terminated with BNC ends and a 2.1mm power end for your camera and power supply adapter. This is a much easier solution. But know that either way you go is the protocol you need to follow in order to solve your cable and power issue.