Here is another question that came through. "Which is better RG59 video cable or CAT5 wire?" Over the years we have seen applications developed with CAT5 and video baluns to accomplish plug and play setups and distance issues. RG59 tends to be tedious, especially when terminating ends for your bnc connectors. First, you have to strip your RG59 cable before you can even terminate your ends. This leaves us with a stand off between both cable solutions. Depending on what your application demands, you might yourself using one or the other. For example, if you need to run cable to a security camera that is at 800 feet, CAT5 will be much easier for you. RG59 cable has limitations up to 500 feet. Of course you have to use a video balun that has a RJ45 connection point in order for it to work. The video baluns will set up back $15 to $50 a pair, however, it is totally up to you to decide if that is worth it or if you should just buy a RG59 video balun transceiver and transmit up to another 1000 feet. We find that RG59 is still the best grade cable. For one the transmission of video with the copper gauge wire is much better than CAT5 wire. Two RG59 has better shielding and can protect the signal from interference. Last it is just still loads of nerd fun to cut cable and terminate your ends. If you are looking to build a CCTV system, this should be fun and exciting, not worrisome and boring, give your home of business the TLC it needs!