We have some strange questions that come through by email. However, this topic is an interesting one! Infrared cameras have been posing problems for people who try to integrate security cameras with infrared lights indoors. It is very difficult to use infrared cameras indoors! The main reason why is due to the reflective surfaces that are in many environments. In residential applications, most try to point an infrared camera to look through a window and this will end in a video washout. By washout, we mean that the infrared LED lights will reflect off the window and shoot back at the camera. This is the biggest problem with infrared cameras. In business applications there are many reflective surfaces like stainless steal counters, glass doors that lead into a retail front or small office. High powered infrared security cameras will washout from these reflective surfaces. Also if you are going to use infrared cameras indoors, you don't want to put them into small boxy style rooms. Again, infrared LED lights are bright and powerful and they will bounce off unfriendly surfaces or environments. If you have an open area free of reflective surfaces, windows and other objects, then you can use an infrared camera indoors. However, we still recommend using infrared cameras outdoors. Infrared cameras can burn freely in outdoor environments, they can beam in any direction without any interference. If you have any more questions regarding infrared cameras indoors, be sure to call our 800 line and ask speak with a CCTV consultant. A consultant can walk you through a brief protocol to determine if you can use an infrared camera indoors!