Looking for a security camera that has a motion detection feature? There are three classes of cameras. There are cameras that are hard-wired (meaning they need to have a video cable run from the camera to a T.V., V.C.R., and DVR), wireless cameras (cameras that have an antenna to transmit signal to a receiver, still need hard-wired power supply) and cameras that run standalone and have built in board and firmware to ensure the camera records on motion detection only. Typically most people want a cheap solution and a camera that can run by itself and record on motion without a security dvr. Although having a security dvr will be a lot easier to manage your video, access your cameras remotely, and archive video for long periods of time, in some applications it is overkill. spy-cameras, now have built in dvr technology, that will enable you to record to a SD card or store USB technology and record some 2-4 giga-bytes of space! These cameras tend to have firmware that initiates the motion detection only recording and that is how you can get a camera that has a sensor and ability to record only on motion. Again this is great because it is a standalone option, however, the availability in supply makes this cameras a tad more expensive than any hard-wired or sometimes wireless camera. We have some standalone security cameras, that have this technology and will be great for small, simple, residential or business applications. Give us a shout to check our stock and see what we have available!