Well it is official, this week we are going to have our most anticipated section up! Our SPY security cameras! We have all kinds of simple SPY cameras that will enable residential applications a lot more options to placing cameras in their homes. SPY cameras are very simple cameras to setup. Most of the cameras we will be posting will be indoors, however, we do have some SPY cameras in the form of rocks, electrical boxes, flowers, statues and many other forms of scenery. This is going to be great, because you can adapt or build your CCTV system setup and be under the radar. Take for example, this bottle of AJAX above. Think it is AJAX? Guess again, this is a SPY security camera and fool just about anyone. See you can be very creative with your application. So depending on what you want to do, we have a camera that will help you achieve that goal! We will have cameras as low as $29 dollars. If you are unsure about what type of spy camera you need, feel free to contact us toll free and speak to one of our CCTV consultants today.