Looking at this picture may make you scratch your head, however, know that this is a beast of a security camera. JETprotection Corporation apparently has this security teamed up with some A.I. (artificial intelligence)! This is a long range surveillance camera designed to prevent surveillance from another party. In fact, you can just call in counter surveillance. This long range counter surveillance camera is designed to look out for other cameras, scopes, binocular, and human eyeballs gawking or looking at it! This is some serious stuff out there. We are in the business of protecting anyone and everyone from threats. So counter surveillance is a part of many new sections we are planning to launch to the site. This is a great device and camera, we can only help to have a few on hand. If you have any additional questions or need other information call our 800 line and talk to one of our consultants about this and or any other counter surveillance products.