Picture 9

We are adding new items to the store and this summer will be a very hard month for us. We have tons of product in the bullet camera family that will be great for every application out there. Today's topic is concerning our new long range bullet cameras. The camera above is an astonishing camera for it's size. Some how Chinese engineers compacted tons of high-technology into this tiny bullet camera. The security camera carries the SONY Super HAD CCD chip-set and an integrated IR cut-filter. The IR cut-filter gives you both brilliant day time and color and night time performance. That means during the night you picture will be a high resolution black and white image. The CCTV camera has the ability to display in color at 550 TV lines, this is loads of power! Also the surveillance camera has a high performance shutter that can see in color in low light conditions before the IR cut-filter kicks in. It also has a 5mm to 50mm varifocal auto iris lens. This is a very wide spectrum of adjustment. So you could say this camera can adapt to really anything! Although the first setting is a 5mm it is pretty wide for standard applications that have high traffic of people, cars, and employees. This camera will work indoors or outdoors, in fact, it has an IP rating of IP67. Last it has a cable concealed bracket in which you can hide your cable. All in all this camera represents precision and high-end technology and you can buy through us for just $250!