So what is a preset position for a PTZ camera? Preset positions are a speed dome camera's memorized P/T/Z and focus functionality. This means a user/operator can set the security camera to automatically look at a certain area in your CCTV application. Depending on what you are trying to do and what you want to look at, this can be very powerful. It takes a little research and effort to do a walkthrough and write down points of a target area that at any time needs fast monitoring of activities or environmental conditions. In certain scenes and applications, this is a much-needed feature and preset positions allow you to adapt the camera to see an area, with an operator handling the camera. This is great because humans have a large amount of operator error, that may disrupt the ability for the end-user to see what is going on. This is due to over panning, tilting, and zooming. To set preset positions we recommend, two people, to configure this. One can be in the field and re-enact the environmental conditions and the other person can figure the field and settings to where the camera will zoom.

The commands you will use will need to be set using a PTZ controller board. For example, to set a preset position you would enter this command:::

[PRESET] + nnn + [ENTER} as a result the LCD screen on your PTZ controller will display:: SET PRESET : nn (nn is a variable, when completed you will define the number for the degree needed)

Most PTZ security cameras have the capability of having up to 128 preset postings. That's right! This is more than enough preset positions you can have programmed so your CCTV surveyor can monitor activity a lot better. Again the main reason for using this is to help you manage your video and adapt the camera faster than what a human operator can manually do. There are some professionals in the field that can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera with no problem, however, they are not faster than the CCTV camera! We have some manuals listed on our site, where you can download our manuals and follow along with how to operate, set, and delete preset positions.