Ever wonder how to do something properly sometimes. We have many resellers, that buy from us and we have been working hard to make pdf documents of all our products. Products that have our own specs from our testing, measurements and perspective. We even want to be able to have our manuals for setup and installation. Our goal is to really center the focus of CCTV and share the information with all whom seek it. In this post we will focus on a tricky subject. Although this is targeted at our installers, anyone who decides that they have a do-it-yourself CCTV project can also benefit from the information, and advice we are giving away here.

Here is the proper way to mount a dome camera: First evaluate am ideal location in the ceiling for mounting the camera. Next, separate the surveillance camera, dome cover and dome ring from the mounting base. Cut a hole in the roof large enough for routing the cables. Align the mounting base over the surface of the cable hole and make marks on the ceiling where screw holes to be drilled and then drill the four screw holes. Attach the dome cover over the camera and the mounting base. Screw the dome ring on, and tighten the screws to fix the camera position. Carry out the setting and adjustments to the camera. Loosen dome cover to adjust camera's panning and tilt direction toward the area to be monitored. Adjust the zoom and the focus position by using the zoom and focus lever screw. Connect the video output cable of the camera to the video input of a monitor, TV, DVR or other equipment. Connect the DC power cable to a 12V power supply unit and wa-la. You are done. This is a very simple process, however, fabrication for each application is different. We also suggest you take real good care when attaching the base of the dome to the ceiling. If you are still hazy on how to do this, feel free to call our 800 line and speak to a CCTV tech today.