Remember the post we had about a year ago (for our regular readers), where we started to see solutions for PTZ cameras that were powered by solar technology? Well we finally have the parts in our warehouse that will allow anyone that has a unique application to have power where there are no outlets. The setup and protection of the equipment is where your fabrication comes in. We have the solar panel and the re-charge battery. The way this thing works, is it uses and stores power for your security camera at the same time. The battery is charged during the day, which allows for you to be able to have power in the night. Very neat! It has a built in voltage display that let's you know how much you currently have, great for monitoring in test fields. It has 150 milli-amp max output and it has 8Ah @ 12 volts battery. You can input up to 17 amps max. At this setups full capacity it can support up to 8 hours of power for 17 amps. Not bad! So if you have a unique application, where you physically cannot run power, without spending a ton of money, then this is the solution you need. We have it listed for sale starting at just $499 and it is under our cctv power supplies accessories sub-menu. If you have more questions about how this product works, give a call on our 800 line and talk to a CCTV consultant today.