So we have been working on a new section to our website (among other sections like technical support, online demos, etc) where you can download each of our manuals and product specification pdf files. This is a great, because whether you are in the market for some CCTV surveillance security cameras, security dvrs, or even accessory items, we have organized everything by category. We will be working on this for next six months or so. It will take some time, as this is something we have decided to do, after we have loaded our website with many different products. However we are committed to making our website the central focus for CCTV equipment. This section is very ambitious but we can do it. If you loose a manual then you can download these pdf files and save them to your desktop for future reference. Each guide/pdf document has the product specifications and set of instructions and operational instructions on how to properly use the device. Again, if something you see on the site does not have a pdf file, then call our 800 line and talk to a tech about emailing you a copy of the product that you are interested in. We are still holding on to our New Year's resolution of bringing more information, usability, and higher quality security cameras and digital video recorders.