Here is a CCTV system far away from an outlet!

Here it is people, this unit is what I have been waiting to see for many years now. About three years ago, there was no real way to get power to CCTV security cameras
that are not near a reliable power source.  As a security consultant, I would have people call wanting to be able to get a solution that was reliable to power maybe a few security cameras to watch tools, equipment,  and other activities during working hours and most importantly at night at construction sites. Well just a month ago I was driving from the beaches heading home and towards the end of JTB / Philips HWY, here in Jacksonville, Florida and I nearly lost control of the car, in dis-belief that there was solar panels powering this one security camera! Well lets think about this for a minute. Who is distrusting solar panels in the U.S. in the first place. I was told that technology was regulated and would not be tolerated by power companies. Oh well, so much for that lie, all in all just from this picture I took from the highway, you can clearly see the solar panels and the PTZ security camera mounted at the top. It looks like a normal traffic or construction sign that tells you what roads are closing, but someone or some company out there fabricated this setup. Also there seems to be  a wireless transmitter on board, at the very top for remote access. Heck for all we know there is a small DVR unit there that records the video or in this case allows for someone to remotely connect to the DVR software and watch the highway area or displays live feeds for the local news. We are on the outlook for the manufactures of these units whom, need good prices and distribution on these hi-quality PTZ security cameras. Even if you are not building these units, if you need a good supplier here in the U.S. give us a call today, we have the best prices on the Internet!