Well it is here now! We have got a new model dome camera in stock. This dome camera looks very similar to our SONY-CMD705H, except HITACHI makes this camera. The chip-set from HITACHI, just outperforms the SONY model. 680 is the new standard for hi-resolution video. The chip-set itself is 1/3" SUPER HAD CCD, so it allows for great color video as long as there is enough light for it to render a video shot. Also this dome camera features a 14 bit digital signal processor. Another really great feature this camera has is it's starlight feature, it can see in very low lighting conditions and still render a good color video shot. The lux rating that matches this camera's starlight lens is 0.001 lux. It also has a very wide range of focus from it's lens. The varifocal lens setting is 2.8 ~ 10mm. It has vandal proof casing, infrared technology, wide-dynamic-range, dual voltage, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a really great feat for us, this camera is the absolute best dome camera we could current offer and it is only $199. So if you are looking for high performance, you definitely should take a look at this camera. Visit our dome security cameras and look at our many different professional models today.