Z-Wave Home Automation Ideas and Functionality

Complete Control

Go ahead: create that perfect environment.

There are thousands of automations you can create when you choose our SCW Elite Hub since it supports thousands of independent Z-Wave products already!

For example:

Have your foyer light come on when you open your door
Make your AC automatically turn off when you open a window
Automatically turn off your water valve when we detect a water leak
Automatically turn on your lights if glass is broken, to scare off intruders and make it so you don't step on broken glass
Automatically turn on your garage light when you open your garage door and then automatically close your garage door forty-five seconds later

SCW Shield Elite Automations SCW Shield Z-Wave

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a wireless home automation standard that hundreds of manufacturers use.

Here's a list of Z-Wave devices and here's a support document of Z-Wave devices that we've already confirmed work with SCW Shield: Z-Wave Compatibility List.*

Our SCW Shield Elite (or SCW Shield Basic with the Z-Wave Add-on) is a Z-Wave "brain." It communicates with Z-Wave devices and tells them what you want them to do.

*All Z-Wave products, if implemented correctly, should work, but we have made a list of devices that we know work. Z-Wave is the future of home automation. In 2018 there were over 2,400 products that could utilize the Z-Wave protocol.

Z-Wave Alliance Members

Understanding Z-Wave Scenes

A Z-Wave scene is one or a series of actions that are to take place when triggered. You can trigger these actions in a scene:

Arm or disarm the system

Sound an alert

Turn on or off z-wave device(s)

Open/close/lock/unlock a garage door, smart lock, or gate

Set the brightness of a light

Turn on or off an outlet or a switch

Change a thermostat's mode, fan mode, cooling temperature, or heating temperature

Shield Events that can Trigger a Scene

When a Key Fob Button is pressed

When power is lost

When a system is disarmed--even have different events per user access code

When the internet is offline

When the system is armed

When the system is running on battery and the battery is low

Once a day / week / month / year

Sunrise or Sunset

When a specific security zone reports an alarm

When a sensor is running out of battery

After a certain amount of time has elapsed from when a security zone reports an alarm

When a security sensor opens or closes

When a security sensor detects motion

When a sensor reports high or low humidity

When a sensor malfunctions

When a sensor is tampered with

When a sensor reports a temperature above or below a number

When a z-wave garage door, smart lock, or gate opens or closes

When a z-wave device is low on battery

When a z-wave device has lost signal

When a z-wave dimmer is above or below a certain brightness

When a z-wave power outlet is on or off or a certain amount of time after it is on/off

When a z-wave switch is used

How do I set it up on Shield Elite?

Z-Wave Setup Guide

We're happy to help you set up any home automation, but here's a guide on how to do it yourself.