SCW Shield Home Automation Z Wave Scene Creation Guide

We're happy to help you setup any home automations, but here's a guide on how to do it yourself.

open SCW Shield App

Step 1: Open App

sign into SCW Shield App

Step 2: Sign In

Click the SCW Shield Dashboard Menu Icon

Step 3: Click menu icon on top left corner

Select Scene in the SCW Shield Menu

Step 4: Select scenes

Click the plus symbol to add a scene

Step 5: Click the + symbol on the top right corner to add a scene

attaching mounting box

Step 6: Name the scene and click ok

select the scene you created

Step 7: Select the scene you created

Click the plus button to add a trigger for the scene

Step 8: Click the + symbol next to triggers

Select a trigger

Step 9: Select a trigger

add an action

Step 10: Click the + symbol next to actions

select an action

Step 11: Select a action

scene compete

Your scene is now complete and is ready to be used - but is not yet active.

activate the scene

Step 12: Activate your scene

Reminder: You can add several actions and triggers to each scene. Once you are done, make sure to test each scene by activating the appropriate trigger.