Adding a camera to an existing system? Make sure you get the right one!

As of January 1st, 2018 SCW sells two lines of IP cameras, the 2018 line which we call the Admiral line and the previous line which we call Vanguard line. These two lines have different manufacturing sources and completely different software. An easy analogy would be like a Mac or a PC as far as software.

Due to the fact that they are on two totally different software platforms it is best to stick with your software platform for the best compatibility. Determining which NVR you have is the best way of determining which cameras are best.



Super NVR





Plug and Play

Call to configureCall to configureYes - With Vanguard Line Cameras"One click" - With Vanguard Line CamerasYes - With Admiral Line Cameras"One click" - With Admiral Line Cameras

4MP Camera Support


4K Camera Support


Mobile App

SCW EasyviewSCW EasyviewSCW EasyviewSCW EasyviewSCW GoSCW Go

Desktop App


How to Identify your NVR

The easiest way to identify your NVR is via the label on the device. Most labels are on the bottom of the unit or side.

admiral line nvr label
networker line nvr label

Now that you know what NVR you have, here's the right cameras for you: