1080p HDMI Extender with USB - Up to 260FT

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1080p HDMI Extender with USB - Up to 260FT1080p HDMI Extender with USB - Up to 260FT1080p HDMI Extender with USB - Up to 260FT1080p HDMI Extender with USB - Up to 260FT1080p HDMI Extender with USB - Up to 260FT
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Maximum Length

80m/260FT Away

Cable Type

HDMI over Cat5e/Cat6


Up to 1080p @ 60hz

Special Features

Mouse Control

Includes Transmitter & Receiver

Display Output on Transmitter for local display

Power Only Required on One End

1 Year Warranty

HDMI over Cat5e/6/6a Extender with USB Control

Long Range Video Output

This HDMI extender allows you have video output and control as far as 260FT away from the NVR. This is great for large facilities who need control in a central office, front desk, etc. Direct HDMI output allows smooth, consistent live view without the need to run any software or streams on a computer.

1080p @ 60hz Resolution

This extender gives up to 1080p at 60HZ resolution, high quality, HD streams from up to 260FT away!

Zero Latency

This extender adds zero latency to your image - there's no delay between the NVR output and display. This is critical for live view operations.

USB Control

The HDMI extender also allows you to control your NVR with a USB input! Plug the included USB cable from the transmitter to the NVR. Plug the USB mouse into the receivers mouse port.

Note that SCW NVRs have either mirror or independent display outputs. If the NVR has a mirror display output, all displays will show the exact same image. If the NVR has an independent display output, only one NVR HDMI output can act as the "controller" which allows mouse use. The other display acts as a secondary screen, which only shows assigned camera views. Feel free to reach out to SCW with any questions