1000ft Network CAT5e, PVC, FULL COPPER (Commercial Grade) SCW-NCC-1000BL

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Model number: SCW-NCC-1000BL

1000 foot spool of UTP Cable, 24 AWG, 4 twisted pair, unshielded, Commercial Grade

This is a full-copper, commercial grade wire that is better quality than CCA - "Copper Cladded Aluminum" wires. It is recommended that you use full copper rather than CCA cable outdoors.

This 1000 foot, spool-boxed roll of Blue Color Cat5e bulk cable is a must-have for extensive networking. This unterminated and UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable is perfect for a plethora of networking applications.

Cat-5e, enhanced Cat-5 cable, is the standard for modern networking - enabled for far end crosstalk and compliant with up to 1000BASE-T standards. This unshielded cable comes in its own spool box and is connector free, giving the user the freedom to customize the length, wiring, and application.

This cable is 1000 feet long and are marked at every foot (marked 0001 - 1000 at each foot). Wire the cable as either a patch or a crossover cable; use it for Ethernet or any other data transfer applications.