1000ft Network CAT6, UL, CMR, PVC, FULL COPPER (Commercial Grade) SCW-CAT6-1000BL


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Model number: SCW-CAT6-1000BL

This 1000 foot, spool-boxed roll of Cat6 bulk cable is a must-have for extensive networking. This unterminated and UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable is perfect for a plethora of networking applications

This Cat6 Full Copper cable is perfect for creating up to a 10 gigabit network in your home or office (10GBASE-T), and will also support gigabit networks (1000BASE-T), Fast Ethernet (100BASE-Tx), and 10BASE-T. This unshielded cable comes in its own spool box and is connector free, giving the user the freedom to customize the length, wiring, and application

This cable is 1000 feet long and are marked at every foot (marked 0001 - 1000 at each foot).

Wire the cable as either a patch or a crossover cable; use it for Ethernet or any other data transfer applications.

Cat5e vs. Cat6 - Although Cat5e also supports a gigabit network, Cat6 features more stringent specifications to fight crosstalk and system noise. Crosstalk is the interference that happens inside the cable between the four twisted pairs of conductors that are wrapped around each other. System noise is the interference (usually EMI, or, electromagnetic interference) from the environment. This can come from power lines, office flourescent lights, microwaves, etc. Cat6 features a more robust gauge that protects you from such problems.

1000ft Network CAT6, UL, CMR, PVC, FULL COPPER (Commercial Grade) SCW-CAT6-1000BL1000ft Network CAT6, UL, CMR, PVC, FULL COPPER (Commercial Grade) SCW-CAT6-1000BL
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Type: CAT6 550MHz CMR

Length: 1000 ft

Conductor: 23AWG (1/0.56mm) Pure Copper

Package Type: Box (Easy to Pull)

Dimension: 16.25" x 16.25" x 9.5"

Weight: 28 lbs

UL Listed

ETL Listed

Cable color subject to change without notice

Cable Construction:

Conductor: 23AWG (1/0.56mm) Pure Copper

Insulation: HDPE 0.96mm

Nos of Twisted Pairs: 4 Pairs

Separator: Polyolefin Tape

Filler: Rip Cord

Jacket: PVC, Flame Retardant or CM Grade

Overall Diameter: 0.240'' (6.0±0.1 mm)

Cable Marking:

HF Cable Network Cable UTP CAT6 4 Pairs 23AWG Solid Pure Copper 0001FT


Horizontal Wiring in LAN

Horizontal and building backbone cable

Used in Pathway Systems

Surveillance Cameras

Reference Standards:

1. TIA/EIA-568-B.2

2. RoHS Compliant

Electrical Characteristic:

Conductor DC Resistance (Max): 28.6 ohms/1000ft at 20℃

Insulation Resistance (Min): 500 Megohms/1000ft at 20℃

Mutual Capacitance: 15 pF/ft

Operating Voltage: 300V

Operating Temperature: 60℃

Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 70%