8 Channel TVI DVRs

  1. The Corporal 8 BNC and 4+ IP Flexible Hybrid NVR - COR08

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    H.265 Recording

    12 1080P cameras at 15 FPS
    12 4MP cameras at 15 FPS
    12 4K cameras at 8 FPS

    40 Mbps IP incoming bitrate

    Supports Analog - TVI - CVI - and AHD cameras


    Flexible Hybrid Technology: BNC cameras can be disabled and replaced by IP. NVR can support up to 12 IP cameras with all BNC disabled.
    Remote Footage Download
    1 Click Firmware Update


    1 x 4K, 2 x 4MP, 4 x 1080P

    Smartphone Apps
    Tablet Apps
    Windows Apps
    Mac Viewing Apps
    Internet Explorer Viewing

    How Patent Wars have changed Browser Support


    2 hard drive bays
    Rack Mount Ears Optional
    Cat5e (RJ45) Ethernet to Network
    Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
    8 TVI/CVI/AHD capable BNC Inputs
    VGA Monitor Out
    1080p HDMI Out for TVs/Monitors
    Footage Download via USB

    Learn about automatic backup footage options