SCW Technical Support Policies

Security Camera Warehouse cctv tech support

Our Life Time Technical Support

Here at Security Camera Warehouse, we aim to offer technical support that is designed to help you in your integration, troubleshooting, for CCTV systems. We understand that some of the equipment can be intimidating at first. We are an ever growing company and have technical support services we can provide to all of our customers. We offer technical support on each item we sell for the life-time of that product. We a product goes past our database and stock model, we can offer technical support at a low price, which is prepaid by credit card as a service. Please read on about our protocols, policies, and our discretion.

Technical Support Protocols

If you have purchased a product from us and it has stopped working, or you have functional issues with the equipment, you can call 1.888.274.3688 press option 3 and speak to our technical support team. As long as their is a record of your information in our online system and your product is still within Security Camera Warehouse's support age, they will help you setup, troubleshoot, or explain how our equipment works. We do not guarantee that our advice will make you finish the construction, or professionalism in install CCTV cameras or setting up cable and or your security digital video recorder. Again please make sure you are within the life-time of the products readiness, once we stop carrying a certain item, especially in dvrs, we no longer can support the unit. We keep all manuals and guides in our online-guides-manuals for your convience, but please be patient with our ability to produce all the readable manuals in English.

Outside Technical Support Policy

Sometimes dealers and other companies sale or go out of business and this leaves some customers in a situation where there is no one to help them with issues concerning their products. One of the things we strive to do here is, offer some support, but we cannot guarantee our advice or ability to support something we do not sell. So at the discretion of management at Security Camera, we can refuse to support equipment that has not been purchased by us.

We do not offer free support for any items that are bought from another company. We will service and give advice about the item, problem or situation. That fee is $50.00 per hour and we charge standard services via credit card. Again we do not offer any free outside technical support.